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Personalised Photo Mugs

Smile With Every Swig
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  • Porcelain, China and Ceramic options
  • Multiple templates available
  • Durable high gloss finish
  • Dishwasher safe
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16 styles available
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Ceramic Photo Mug

This mug is our best seller, dishwasher safe with an image wrapped around its body this makes a great mug for general everyday use whether at home or in the office.

  • 10oz Capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 81mm Diameter, 95mm High
  • Print area 88mm high, 200mm around

£ 8.00 Delivery from £3.00

personalized mugs by photogifts.co.uk

Mighty Mug

A massive 15oz mug - ideal for those who like a bucket of tea or coffee and like it their way with a stunning picture, text or graphic wrapped around it.

  • 15oz Capacity
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 85mm Diameter, 120mm High
  • Print area 88mm high, 195mm around

£ 12.00 Delivery from £3.00

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Smug Mug

Ideal for kids but also perfect for Cappuccinos, this 6oz baby mug is small and cute!

  • 6oz capacity
  • Dish washer Safe
  • 73mm Diameter, 70mm High
  • Print area 65mm high, 170mm around

£ 7.00 Delivery from £3.00

personalised photo mugs by photogifts.co.uk

White Satin Mug

Not everyone likes a gloss finish, so we have provided you with an alternative. The satin mug still has the high quality print finish that you would expect from us but is presented to you in a beautifully understated manner.

  • Silky Satin Finish
  • 10oz Capacity
  • 80mm Diameter, 94mm High
  • Print area 88mm high, 200mm around

£ 11.00 Delivery from £3.00

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7oz Balmoral China Mug

These cute little coffee mugs are the ideal size for that morning hit of caffeine, or in my three year old sons case, warm milk. Personalised with a high quality image of a favorite person place or pet, these mugs will bring a smile to anyones face.

  • 7oz capacity
  • High quality China
  • 75mm Diameter, 84mm High
  • Print area 70mm high, 170mm around

£ 11.00 Delivery from £3.00

Personalised 10oz_Enamel_Mug by_Photogifts.co.uk_2

10oz Enamel Mug

These are great mugs for outdoor use! Think picnics, camping, caravanning, festivals, anything outdoors where a light, durable mug comes in handy! They are bright white and silver rimmed with a real retro look and feel about them!

  • Hand Wash only
  • 10oz capacity
  • 86mm Diameter, 80mm High
  • Print area 60mm high, 170mm around

£ 10.00 Delivery from £3.00

Photo mugs by photogifts.co.uk

Two Tone Mugs

A more elegant version of our standard mug, with a coloured rim and handle to suit your mood. Order a matching set or have them all different - your choice!

  • 11oz Capacity
  • 5 Colour Options
  • 83mm Diameter, 90mm High
  • Print area 78mm high, 200mm around

£ 10.00 Delivery from £3.00

Personalised Large Beer Stein

Large Beer Stein

These large Beer Steins are ideal for birthdays, anniversaries or retirement gifts.Customized with a personal thought or photo, these steins will act as a lasting memory for the lucky receiver

  • Durable
  • Traditional style
  • 90mm Diameter, 146mm High
  • Print area 60mm high, 200mm around

£ 16.00 Delivery from £3.00

Personalised Colour change mug blue

Colour Change Photo Mug

Colour change mugs are similar to our ceramic mug but with an added heat reactive coating that reveals an image when you pour your hot drink.

  • Hand Wash Only
  • Heat reactive coating - Blue or Black when cold
  • 83mm Diameter, 90mm High
  • Print area 83mm high, 200mm around

£ 10.00 Delivery from £3.00

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Small Beer Stein

This little beer stein is a favorite here in the office. Small but with a heavyweight feel, this one is perfect for warm drinks in the cold winter months but is also great as a beer tankard in summer. Just pop it in the freezer while your beer chills in the fridge and you'll be sipping icy cold beers for hours.

  • Durable, high quality finish
  • Great image reproduction
  • 75mm Diameter, 105mm High
  • Print area 70mm high, 200mm around

£ 8.00 Delivery from £3.00

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Porcelain Photo Mug

A stunning straight sided 10oz porcelain mug, dishwasher safe and taller and skinnier than our best seller, this is a special mug.

  • 10oz Porcelain
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 70mm Diameter, 102mm High
  • Print area 81mm high, 169mm around

£ 10.00 Delivery from £3.00

photo mugs uk by photogifts.co.uk

Stainless Steel

A stunning polished Stainless Steel Thermal Mug for your favourite cuppa - keeps it warmer for longer whilst looking impeccably stylish.

  • 10oz 300ml Capacity
  • Dishwasher Safe, Polished Outer
  • 75mm Diameter, 90mm High
  • Print area 70mm high, 165mm around

£ 16.00 Delivery from £3.00

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China Photo Mug

A beautiful 10oz china mug with extremely high quality coatings that are dishwasher safe. Your image or design is wrapped around the entire mug.

  • 10oz Bone China mug
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 75mm Diameter, 105mm High
  • Print area 75mm high, 165mm around

£ 10.00 Delivery from £3.00

customised mugs by photogifts.co.uk

Insulated Travel Mugs

Available in white and stainless steel, these insulated mugs have a stainless steel construction and thermal walls to keep your chosen drink hotter for longer - perfect for the morning commute!

  • 14oz capacity
  • Stainless steel or white finish
  • Insulated
  • 85mm Diameter, 150mm High
  • Print area 80mm high, 190mm around

£ 24.00 Delivery from £3.00

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Mighty Mug - Coloured

Another large 15oz mug, but with the handle and inner in either blue, black or red to add that 'je ne sais quoi' at coffee time!

  • 15oz Capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 85mm Diameter, 120mm High
  • Print area 88mm high, 195mm around

£ 15.00 Delivery from £3.00

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Polymer Mug

A lovely lightweight personalised mug that is perfect for picnics, festivals, camping trips and those of us who have a tendency to drop things.

  • Durable
  • 11oz Capacity
  • Perfect for kids
  • 80mm Diameter, 94mm High
  • Print area 70mm high, 170mm around

£ 6.00 Delivery from £3.00

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