Who has the best canvas prints? You Have Just Met Them!

At PhotoGifts, we know that who has the best canvas prints is us. That simple, at least, when considering the UK territory. In case you are thinking we are nothing but a bunch of people full ourselves, we’ll give you all the reasons why the best canvas prints come from us.

High Quality Canvas Finished by Hand

Canvas prints are a great way of displaying the image of your choosing with vibrant colours, slight texture and always fashionable. You can choose from two depths of FSC certified pine frame that ensures your canvas will never twist or warp. Enjoy an incredible range of freee design templates that will make creating your own masterpiece easier. From here, we take over the process from printing to assembling to shipping.

We use only fade resistant inks made of vegetable starches, the very latest and greenest print technology. Once printed the canvas is hand stretched across the frame, carefully trimmed and taped on the rear for a sleek, resistant finish that will always look good. The last step is to properly pack your canvas into our bespoke boxes designed to protect the contents during transit and have them ready to hang as soon as you open it.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are sure you are already very impressed with the quality of our canvas and why we know that who has the best canvas prints is us. However, if you still doubt that this might be another sales technique, check what our previous clients have to say about it. We are systematically rated as excellent having received a flawless product and outstanding customer service.

We will be delighted to have you as our next happy customer, so contact us through our online form or speak live with one of our dedicated team members when you call us at 0117 943 0059 to know all we can do for you.

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